Basic D-RATS settings for A.R.E.S. of Champaign County net participants

Where to get D-RATS

Use the latest (beta) version of d-rats if you can. You can get it from

Internet settings

The internet channel hosted by KK7DS that you can connect to for A.R.E.S. of Champaign County nets is, and the port # we use for our nets is 9001. You configure this in the Radio section of the Preferences (port 9000 is a chat reflector, not good for nets).

The server at N9DN's house is also port 9001. This is the reflector that is our local one, and it should work equally well for our net. It is usually connected to, and the radio is set to either 145.530 DV simplex or on Net Night, the W9YR D-STAR repeater.

Transfer settings

The transfer settings (Under Radio->Transfers in preferences) you need for file transfers to work reasonably well through a local repeater are

For Simplex operation, these settings should work fine as well. You can likely decrease the warmup length to 4 and warmup timeout to 2, you can also drop the force transmission delay as well. All stations need to have matching settings for best performance.

E-mail Settings

For stations to send email via your D-RATS station, you need to do 3 things:

  1. Setup an outbound email account (for example gmail's smtp server, if you have a gmail account) in the "Outgoing Email" section of the "Network" settings in Preferences
  2. Add the callsign of anyone that should be able to send email via your station, including yourself, in the "Email Access" list under the "Network" settings in Preferences. This is case sensitive, and must match the callsign the person configured in D-RATS
  3. Select the "connected to internet" item in the File menu (so that it shows a check mark)

To receive email via your D-RATS station, you need to do two things:

  1. Have a POP email account at an email service
  2. In the "Email Accounts" section of the "Network" settings in Preferences enter your POP account information as provided by your mail provider
Debbie Fligor, N9DN - February 23, 2011